Sunday, January 24, 2010

This blog is so dead..

.. it is not funny.. i used to write a lot and i have always love writing.. but I've been so caught up with life and trying to go through the daily motions that i seemed to have forgotten that i should be doing the things i love and to live life.. easier said than done.

Last night i was at Ken's and Mona's place for dinner.. Jeff told me the theme was Chinese. The best and nearest i could do was the Stewed Pork Belly that Mum taught me when she was here in ADL in September 2008! I have cooked it numerous times since then. Sis said it was the best of all the crap she has eaten when she was here for 3 weeks the December just past. Nice to know.

Jean made an entree of Sushi, Jeff made a vegetable dish of Pumpkin, Celery and Carrot, Ken steamed a whole Fish and Mona made Biryani, not so Chinese but very yummy. Jean also made a pork dish similar to mine except that hers was on the spicy side and mine was stewed with rock sugar. Ken also made Jelly and Chocolate, Banana & Walnut cake. Nice ending to dinner.

So why am i writing again? After dinner we were deciding between 2 movies to watch, A Blind Sight vs. Julie and Julia. Guess which one i picked? So that is the reason why I'm writing again.

No, i don't have any projects that i would be embarking on and even if i do, it certainly will have nothing to do with cooking. Neither am i looking for any fame. No one reads this blog anyway. I just want to write again. Simple as that. Maybe i can add that to my 2010 non-existent resolution list?

Jean's homemade Sushi


cHaR~ said...

Who says no one is reading your blog !! Once in a while there is an Autie Taitai who will pop by to check out your blog !!!

Jowin said...

oh my freaking gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I miss you! We are old now.