Monday, May 10, 2010

Life as such..

How many times have i wished that i am somebody else..
without these troubles..
which will continue to arise..

How many times have i wished that i have made the right decision..
so that i dont have to live with the consequences..
of my own choice..

How many times have i wished that the path could be easier..
not so treacherous..
with lighter footsteps..

How many times have i consoled myself..
that things will look up..
all i have to do is to hope.. and believe..

How many times have i failed?
and picked myself up?
Am i really stronger?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Love Lost by The Temper Trap

Every weekend i would switch on the TV and let it stay on Channel 10..

and wait for this song to come on air.. cute MTV!


Our love was lost
But now we've found it
Our love was lost
And hope was gone

Our love was lost
But now we've found it
And if you flash your heart
I won't deny it
I promise

I promise

Your walls are up
Too cold to touch it
Your walls are up
Too high to climb

I know it's hard
But I can still hear it beating
So if you flash your heart
I won't mistreat it
I promise

I promise

Our love was lost
In the rubble are all the things
That you've, you've been dreaming of
Keep me in mind
When you're ready
I am here
To take you every time

Oh, our love was lost
Lost, lost, lost, lost..
Our love was lost
But now its found


Ooh baby, ooh baby
Bereaved lady
Ooh baby

Ooh baby, ooh baby
He carved you like a stone
Then left your side
Stop, stop

Ooh baby
Slow steady
Heaven's waiting
For you baby

Ooh baby, ooh baby
He took your soul
And left you out to dry

Now, you're home free at last
And the cracking whip
That howled
And scarred your back
Has stopped
Ooh, it stopped

Ooh baby, ooh baby
Love baby
Your, your only crime
Ooh baby
Stop, stop

Ooh baby, ooh baby
Love baby
Your, your only crime
Ooh baby
Stop, stop

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Yes, i am officially squashed..not in my apartment (yet).. but in my apartment block.. All of a sudden (after 9 months), i realised i have neighbours!!! *roll eyes* How? Where did all these strange people come from???

There's this strange lady on my right.. let's call her Skinny Blondie..

Skinny Blondie does shift work.. how do i know that, you ask? i came back from work one day and this is in the evening, mind you.. the sort of timing where people listen to the 6pm news

while preparing dinner.. while doing that i heard someone knocking on my door.. i opened it and she started explaining to me that she's resting at the moment and asked if it will be alright for me to lower the volume of my TV.. i was quite taken aback (i didnt expect anyone to be sleeping at that kind of time) and apologise because i have disturbed her rest.. i know how irritating it is to be disturbed by idiots (like the Korean guy on my left, but this is another story, see below)! so i obliged, no worries!

the second time Skinny Blondie knocked on my door, it was a Saturday afternoon.. the house next to my apartment block was having a pool party in their backyard as it was a hot summer day.. they blasted music from their backyard the whole day.. i was sick of listening to their genre of music, so i put on my own from my ipod and the speaker Zen bought for me.. and of course! Skinny Blondie came over and asked me to lower the volume of my music.. i told her it was just to counter the music coming from the neighbour and she said she had already been there to tell them how loud their music was!!! Geez.. i wasnt really that bothered, so i just said, "No problem.." and adjusted the volume accordingly..

last week i had Skinny Blondie knocked on my door before 8am! i was getting ready to leave for work.. she was obviously pissed off this time round when i opened the door.. there were no greetings whatsoever when i opened the door and she asked me, "What's all the banging about?" and i was like, "HUH? What do you mean?" with a totally confused expression.. " it was then she realised she had accused the wrong person - me. What the? Must it always be me? I definitely didnt hear any bangings nor made any!

BUT, whoever lives upstairs was doing a lot of banging last night!!! Gosh, it was after midnight and the idiot upstairs was probably playing basketball or dropping things over and over again! or trying to build a wardrobe like i did a couple of weeks ago but didnt managed to do as well as i did.. ha!

Now, the ultimate idiot.. is the Korean guy on my left! My turn to keep going over and knocking on his door to ask him to shut up!!! i would like to think that i'm giving these kids enough time to have fun and party.. so my limit is midnight.. both occasions are around 12.30am.. but he is now trying his very best to piss me off by laughing very loudly, inviting lots of his loser friends over and talking loudly on his mobile on his balcony at 1am..

our balconies.. are so close i can climb over and and strangle him!!! Watch out, Korean Loser!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Yes, post no. 2 for 2010.. am i slack or what???

It's difficult to write freely when i am now working.. stuck in an environment for 9 hours out of the 24 hours of a day.. so much and so little can happen in the 9 hours and i cannot really write about it, can i? Nope.

Anyway, it's the Easter Super Long Weekend! Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays, plus the weekend and it's 4 days of HAPPINESS!

Yesterday night i received a IKEA wardrobe as a birthday present from Sis and Fish, delivered by Ken and Jeff!!! It was a shock coming out of the shower to see 7 missed calls on my mobile.. apparently Sis has secretly asked Ken and Jeff to run the errand for her, since she is so far away.. well, they arrived at my apartment just as i went into the shower and i didnt hear the phone at all.. that explains the missed calls!

Poor boys were standing in the cold for 20mins and it was a windy night.. when i finally went down, i saw them holding onto the package (taller than them), one on each side, i was dumbfounded.. such great friends! Initially i was thinking of going to IKEA on my own to get the wardrobe, how silly! I just saw how much it weighs just now.. 48kg.. no wonder the boys were struggling last night!

Time really really really flies.. next Friday i have an appointment with a migration agent.. =)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

This blog is so dead..

.. it is not funny.. i used to write a lot and i have always love writing.. but I've been so caught up with life and trying to go through the daily motions that i seemed to have forgotten that i should be doing the things i love and to live life.. easier said than done.

Last night i was at Ken's and Mona's place for dinner.. Jeff told me the theme was Chinese. The best and nearest i could do was the Stewed Pork Belly that Mum taught me when she was here in ADL in September 2008! I have cooked it numerous times since then. Sis said it was the best of all the crap she has eaten when she was here for 3 weeks the December just past. Nice to know.

Jean made an entree of Sushi, Jeff made a vegetable dish of Pumpkin, Celery and Carrot, Ken steamed a whole Fish and Mona made Biryani, not so Chinese but very yummy. Jean also made a pork dish similar to mine except that hers was on the spicy side and mine was stewed with rock sugar. Ken also made Jelly and Chocolate, Banana & Walnut cake. Nice ending to dinner.

So why am i writing again? After dinner we were deciding between 2 movies to watch, A Blind Sight vs. Julie and Julia. Guess which one i picked? So that is the reason why I'm writing again.

No, i don't have any projects that i would be embarking on and even if i do, it certainly will have nothing to do with cooking. Neither am i looking for any fame. No one reads this blog anyway. I just want to write again. Simple as that. Maybe i can add that to my 2010 non-existent resolution list?

Jean's homemade Sushi

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sad fridge

*hmph* i just threw away 3 of my lunchboxes~ not the containers, but the food contained in my them! duh~ there goes 3 of my lunches.. one was a Stir fried Beef with rice, the other was a Salmon Pasta and the one that i was about to chuck in the microwave was my favourite Eggplant & Capsicum with Chorizo Pasta! so why did i throw them out? because there's mold growing in one of them!!! YUCKS. i got paranoid and chuck all of them out! now i have to cook some instant noodles for supper instead~

i came home on Tuesday night to realise that my fridge has been left opened for the whole day while i was at work!!! i was rushing out of the door and realised i did not have any food for lunch, ran back to the fridge to quickly pull out a lunchbox but didnt check that it's closed properly.. most of the stuff in the freezer has defrosted.. and silly me convinced myself that it'll still be alright to continue bringing them for lunch! and as a matter of fact i did bring 2 lunchboxes to work today, one was the Kimchi Fried Rice that i cooked on Sunday and the other one was a cream based Spinach & Ricotta Tortellini.. well, i ate both and i'm still functioning now.. *cross fingers*

BUT, having said that, i still kept another lunchbox of Kimchi Fried Rice and a Stew Pork with Potatoes on Rice.. and bringing them to work tomorrow! if they look dodgy tomorrow, i'll chuck them in the bin and head out to buy KFC!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Beautiful Saturday!

so glad to be writing again.. and it's been a great Saturday! 'breakfast' was at T Bar @ Central Market this morning.. had black tea as i definitely need some caffeine to kick start the day! i ordered a Guil T and it tasted ordinary, i must say.. BUT it smells so heavenly~ Sarah said it smells like a lolly shop! i also had a yummy slice of 'cake' that resembles a Bienenstich.. delicious! it was very nice to catch up with Sarah!

after Sarah left, i did a bit of grocery shopping at Coles and waited for Jo to arrive.. after which we went straight to Dumpling King! Jo does not understand why we have to use CHOPSTICKS to pick up our food.. to be honest, i don't really know too! and to be even more honest, i'm not much better than Jo when it comes to using the chopsticks!!! just last week, Ken had to get 2 spoons from the waitress when we were at Citi Zen, one for Mona and the other for me! it's not much different this time, i asked for 2 forks at Dumpling King!!! Hehez! Jo didnt eat a lot but more than the last time round! that, is an achievement! both for Jo and myself! *smilez*

my first tub of Kimchi

i went for a walk in the Central Market after Jo left for her Toni & Guy appointment.. i found this Korean shop and i thought,

"why not do a Kimchi fried rice?"

and in i went to buy a tub of Kimchi.. like i would know which one to get, huh~ i went straight to the fridge and peered into it.. and all those big and little tubs/bags of Kimchi all look the same!!! well, when in doubt, ASK! the Korean lady was really nice and went to the fridge to pick a little tub for me.. and told me to squeeze the liquid away before chucking in the seasoned vegetables.. will take note of that later when i fire up the kitchen.. for the moment, Kimchi purchased. mission accomplished.

as i was nearing home, i was attracted by some music coming out of an eccentric looking building.. i realised that it's a Belly Dance Academy!!! my legs carried me there and i looked through the glass door.. there was a class going on but i did not go in, fearing that i may disturb the class.. instead i took a pamphlet at the door.. i studied the timetable the rest of the way home.. i'm really tempted! i've acquired a belly from the winter months, so it should be time to get back into Belly Dance? wahaha!

and it was only when i got home that i realised the lady at the front of the pamphlet was the one who danced at The Greek Mezze the night Ken, Jeff and Ian brought me there for dinner!!! how awesome! she has her own dancing school! halfway through dinner, she came into the restaurant, danced to 3 pieces of music and was whisked away again! very enjoyable!

SYTYCD US 2009 ended last night.. so there's no more dance entertainment for the time being.. i think i need to get my own.. looks like i have to be enrolled into her class now no matter what!